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Board Members


Andrea Sigler


Phone: 763-228-6134

Andrea's Terms
President: 2020 - current
Treasurer: 2 Years
Secretary: 1 Year

President's Responsibilities

  • Set agenda
  • Schedule and run meetings
  • Answer parent questions/concerns
  • Communicate with NCR
  • Daily email check
  • Own & present parent meeting/ppt
  • General communication with community ed
  • Manages registration procedure with NCR and JVA
  • Works with other activities within Monticello to assure players have the best opportunity to pursue volleyball and other interests (Basketball, Dance recitals, Softball tryout etc.)


Open Position

Vice President

Kelly's Terms
Vice President: Current (August 2021-)

Vice President's Responsibilities

  • Support President in any capacity needed
  • Must attend all meetings
  • Must be available for all members and their suggestions
  • Handles communications with Monticello school programs
  • Establish relationships with local businesses for sponsorships
  • Receive, review and communicate with families regarding scholarship applications
  • Build teams in WebPoint (this will now be in only AES)
  • Build and work with Sports Engine to open registration for players, and for Meltdown and Adult Tournaments
  • Schedule competitive events for each JO team, maintain list of club funded and team funded events
  • Collect black out dates from coaches at beginning of season
  • Any other duties assigned by president

Secretary & Registration Coordinator

Jolie Barthel

Secretary & Registration Coordinator

Jolie's Terms
Secretary: Current
 (July 2021-)

Secretary's Responsibilities

  • Acts as correspondence officer with other organizations
  • Must attend all board meetings
  • Keep a tentative record of member attendance at meetings and functions
  • Work with VP to create and manage fall registration.
  • Coordinate opening and closing registration for the Meltdown and Adult tournaments.
  • Add each team's roster to each team's page in Sports Engine after team formation is complete.
  • Verify all player's (and coaches') certifications are complete. 
  • Communicate with (players and) coaches on any missed certifications to ensure completion.
  • Responsible for typing all documents and meeting minutes. If absent, must find another board member to take notes/minutes.
  • Distribute meeting minutes within one week of meeting.
  • Post approved meeting minutes and upcoming meeting dates on website.
  • Maintain list of monthly tasks for board for reference
  • Any other duties assigned by the president


Christin Hegle


Christin's Terms
Treasurer (Current, June 2020-)

Coach Coordinator (Previous position)

Treasurer's Responsibilities

  • Responsible for handling the money and receipts for Monti Club JO
  • Shall be able to speak about the budget, as needed, at any meeting
  • Monthly budget reconciliation with bank account
  • Shall follow up with each coordinator after each event to reconcile budget
  • Shall be directly involved with planning each teams budget, including researching prices and filling out the proposal
  • Keep an organized Monti Club JO Treasurer financial information/data to pass on to the next treasurer
  • If absent from the meeting, must personally find someone else to represent the Treasurer or provide budget updates to president prior to meeting.
  • Works closely with the registration coordinator to ensure all event funding is completed in a timely manner
  • Keep track of this funding for easy reference
  • Owns all invoicing and refunding tasks
  • Take responsibility for the PO box- pick up and annual payment
  • Work with accountants to complete club taxes each year
  • Issue payments to coaches


Krista Bauer

Webmaster/Marketing Coordinator

Krista's Terms
Webmaster & Marketing Coordinator: 
Current (2020-)
Webmaster, Marketing, Jersey & Apparel Coordinator: 3 years (2017-2019)
Untitled Voting Board Member: 1 year (2016)

Webmaster & Markeing Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Manages Monti Club JO website
  • Maintains and updates team social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Responsible for design and distribution of advertisements for all Monti Club JO events
  • Creates Community Ed Journal entries submit to Community Ed.
  • Educates coaches and team managers on team page management
  • Creates, distributes and analyzes surveys to present to board
  • Assists in emailing information to club members (parents, coaches and players)
  • Attends all meetings.
  • Any other duties as assigned by President


Eric Carlson

Event Coordinator

Eric's Terms
Event Coordinator: Current (October 2021-)

Event Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Assist with any coordination needed for adult tournaments
  • Coordinate Fall Camp
  • Coordinate and prepare for Meltdown tournament including:
    • Arrange vendors
    • Print score sheets and build folders
    • Create court signs
    • Update pool/rule sheets
    • Arrange and plan menu, and order food for concessions
    • Arrange/determine site coordinators for each location
    • Communicate any site needs with community education
    • Complete Sign-up Genius for volunteers
    • Work with Treasurer to set up concession and admission money
  • Add event dates to the Sports Engine Calendar.
  • Attend all meetings
  • Any other duties assigned by the president

Facility Coordinator

Heidi Rancour

Facility Coordinator

Heidi's Term
10/2022 - current

Past Facility Coordinator: Sara Smith
Sara's Terms:
Facility Coordinator: October 2021- August 2022

Facility Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Coordinates practice time and gym time with Community Ed for all Monti Club JO events
  • Works closely with the Registration Coordinator and coaches to reserve proper amount of gym space
  • Attends all meetings.
  • Any other duties assigned by the President


Cassie Lepper

Equipment & Apparel Coordinator

Cassie's Term
11/2022 - current

Past Equipment, Jersey, and Apparel Coordinator: Deb Retka
Deb's Terms

Equipment, Jersey, and Apparel Coordinator: November 2021 - July 2022 
Registration Coordinator: June 2020 - November 2021

Past Jersey and Apparel Coordinator: Krista Bauer

Equipment, Apparel and Jersey Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Manages equipment and medical supplies for all JO teams including (Dispersing to teams at beginning of the season and collecting at the end of the season)
  • Maintain inventory of club equipment
  • Order replacements for any lost or damaged equipment (Work with treasurer to order new equipment.)
  • Assists Marketing Coordinator with uniform and clothing orders
  • Assign jersey numbers, place jersey orders, and track jersey numbers from year to year
  • Order and maintain Libero jerseys and extra team jerseys
  • Work with school custodians to obtain any equipment left behind or retrieved from nets/bleachers
  • Manage/arrange equipment for club activities including, fall camp, tryouts, etc.
  • Manage t-shirt orders for fall camp participants and high school volunteers
  • Attends all meetings
  • Any other duties as assigned by the President


Alexx Hansen

Coach Coordinator

Coach Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Creates and maintains coach contracts
  • Responsible for recruitment of coaches for each JO season
  • Holds post-season coach interviews
  • Responsible for pre-season training of coaches on rules and procedures
  • Tracks officiating training, background checks and other required coach tasks
  • Assists coaches with addressing any parent communication as needed
  • Coordinates and facilitates tryouts
  • Maintains communication with coaches
  • Acts as tournament director for Meltdown and adult tournaments
  • Assists coaches with finding replacement players if needed
  • Manages coaches during season by observing practices and providing feedback
  • Attends all meetings.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the President